Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Oh to be in England...or rather in Scotland!

     My DB just sent me this photo taken from the train window "somewhere" in Scotland!. Just look at those cute houses and then those magnificent clouds! Beautiful view to me on a sultry hot day here in the south of Italy.

     We have had clouds too today but they were sullen clouds, not sure whether to turn into a few reluctant drops of rain or not! No fresh rainy feeling at all! Just a hint of summer heat arriving too fast!

      On my way to town today I saw  a different landscape. Brilliant colours shining in the sun . The flowers! All the spring flowers are in full bloom. Wild flowers everywhere. Of course unlike my DB I didn't have a camera handy to capture it! I must learn to take one with me for such moments!
      I can still hear the bees buzzing now, busy among the flowers working so they can prepare their store of honey for the winter! Never too harsh a winter here for them!

     All too soon the fields will become a drab uniform brown colour as the relentless summer sun takes it toll!  In the village shutters at the windows will be closed tight to keep out the midday heat and the rhythm of life will seem to slow, almost to a standstill! Old men will sit and talk under the shade of the trees in the village piazza.

      We will have to make the most of these few days before the heat sets in. Housewives are busy flinging windows wide open to let sunshine in and sweep the winter shadows away. It is time when winter clothes are put away and summer ones emerge.People have gone from wearing winter woolies  to summer clothes!  The "cambia-stagione"  Blankets are washed and stored away. Light linen or cotton bedspreads are brought out. Really soon even the Calabrians will be going to the beach!

    Even though spring cleaning takes its toll  consuming free time, I have still been busy with my knitting. Never enough time for all the things I would like to create! I need more hours in a day!

     I will leave you with a photo of a little plant that has bloomed! First year ever!


  1. wow...that is an echeveria, right? I didn't know they bloomed. Hope mine follow suit one day.

    1. I don't know what it is called. I have 2 of these plants which I bought a few years ago. This is the first time it has ever flowered. I hope yours flowers as well!
      Thankyou for commenting! Nice to know someone reads things!