Friday, 15 May 2015

The best laid plans of mice and men do often go awry!

   Or a tale of dolls, wind and missing internet connections! 

 Yesterday morning I took the twins and Felicity out for a photo-shoot for my latest patterns. Such a shame that it was too windy to take better photos but we managed anyway.

     The twins started a fast calabrian tarentella which attracted the attention of passers-by:                “Che Belle!  They look just as if they are really dancing!  Look at the Pacchianelle! “ were some of the comments  I overheard!

     This design is based on the costume my DD used to wear when she sang and danced in the local folk group.

Really nervous before her first event!

Practising before they go on stage.

Nice memories!

     Returning to the topic of my dolls. Felicity also atracted her share of attention in her beautiful new shawl. Elegant as always even in the wind.

 Look at that old olive tree she is leaning against!

  I had fun making her ring and her shawl pin although I am not very good at making jewellery.

 I wonder if the people here think I am crazy for taking photos of dolls? Probably. The American Girl Dolls are sure not part of the local Calabrian culture!
      DH doesn't worry about people watching. He gives suggestions on how to place them which I punctually completely ignore!

     Now that testing is finished and all the details are checked I have finally published these. Funny how it always leaves an empty feeling, However that will soon be filled by another project!

     As so often happens as I went to publish the patterns the internet connection went off maybe because of the wind, so I had to wait for it to return. Hence the title of this post! Fortunately I had already added the Folk dance costume pattern. The shawl pattern was all written and ready to post and even though I hadn't saved it the system on ravelry automatically did it for me! This morning I was able to publish it. 

      The joys of living in Soveria Simeri!  We make lame jokes that on every windy day the line goes off, unfortunately that is so often the truth! The internet and phone connections frequently go off. What is worse is that the electricity does as well and in the summer water is off for hours. A water storage tank is essential here. No doubt I will be adding further tales of woe in the future!
     Bye for now! 

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