Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Pattern designing book review.

   As I dedicate more time to my pattern designing, I am also trying to improve my pattern writing skills and the quality of my patterns. I decided to do a Google search and was surprised to find so little useful information online about how to actually write a knitting pattern .
   Then I found  Kate Atherley's book "Pattern Writing for Knit Designers." (everything you didn't know you needed to know).

pattern writing for knit designers

   Important! Please note that I am not affiliated with her in any way and do not receive any payment at all for this review!

   This book is available in both paper and ebook form. I decided to opt for the "real" thing as I love having actual books to browse through, even though the post to here cost me quite a lot. Surprise surprise! I received an e-mail with a link to download the ebook as well! What a lovely thing, I was able to read the book and click on links there while waiting for the package to arrive!

   I found the book is a down to earth guide written with a sense of humour making it pleasing to read. The author guides you through the practical steps of writing a pattern, adding all those little things which are so easy to forget.

   She takes you through pattern structure and instructions, charts, grading, formatting and layout. She includes a wealth of information I have not seen elsewhere. She has an excellent knowledge of the subject and puts it into an interesting easy to read format. She then even discusses selling patterns online.

   A sample basic pattern template is very useful, as is the abbreviations list given in the appendix. Many aditional links are given in the resources which took me to further sources of information available online.

   One minor thing I really liked were the suggestions for presentation and photographs; how often I have seen lovely designs with the mediocre photos spoiling the effect. So much work put into a design and then it is put there with an illustration which doesn't do it credit. Something to work on!

     This is a book I am glad to have and refer to. To me it has fulfilled a real need for designers.

Just a note to add that Kate tells me that she’s currently working on a new, updated edition, to be published early 2016. It will be through a larger publisher, so the book should be easier to find. Visit www.kateatherley.com for updates.

     Another two books about pattern design I have found interesting and useful are "The Knitting Architect"and "The Advanced Knitting Architect" by Sion Elalouf. Out of print, I had been looking for these on ebay at prices I could afford, when, to my joy,  found that they were available for free download online.

    These give great instructions on how to chart various styles of knitwear doing the maths of the shaping. Very interesting technical books in my opinion. I enjoy calculating gauge and stitches when planning a garment.  Garment structure is described in detail. Many things I have learnt through trial and error are clearly illustrated with schematics
.Schematics is one aspect of my pattern writing I am still working on. There I need computer skills not knitting skills!

   Just my findings about useful pattern design books. Have you any suggestions of books you have found helpful? I would love to hear what you think of this subject.

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