Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Decluttering Mania.

Decluttering Method

Yesterday afternoon, while my DH had gone to look for mushrooms, I just sat on the divan and cried. It was so frustrating to want to do things and not physically be able to.
 I used to be able to sit for ages on the floor. Now after only a short while I have difficulty getting up. It is scarey. 

Why did I let the house get this way instead of sorting things out while I was fitter?

 Why did I listen to my kids when they said to leave their things where they were and they would come over and sort through them? Days turned into months and now years. 

DeclutteringThe pile of books and paper waiting to be picked up on Thursday is increasing. I sorted through old school books upon the top floor and my DH took them downstairs for me. I must admit that without his help I couldn't have managed it. Too many trips up and down stairs. As it is my muscles are hurting so much. The next big project here will to get myself back into a fit shape again if I can. I am just physically going downhill so fast it is ridiculous. Depressing.

I was playing a FB game again on Monday:
(yes I know you are thinking that that is why I never get things done in the house!)
Which Greek goddess do you resemble? I got Mania: Chaos! Lol!

She was the goddess of madness according to friend Google. I think I need to find who was the Goddess of tidiness and sanity and follow her!

My friend Mr (or is it Mrs?) Google informs me that she is called Hygieia. The word Hygiene comes from her name. I could really have just asked my younger DD who has loved Greek mythology since I bought her a child's version of the Odyssey when she was in elementary school.

Well lets see if I can transform myself into Mrs Hygieia. I see this one as being difficult!

C.h.a.o.s. = Can't have anyone over syndrome is one I have been suffering from for a while!

I was amazed to see a book on how to declutter on the best sellers list! Reading the reviews about it I don't think it is for me. I really don't want to live in a minimalist house. That doesn't seem a home to me but a show room. My hoarding tendancies are still too strong for that. I always have the thought “what if I need it?” when I throw something out. Waste not want not has been too thoroughly engrained in my being.

It needs a happy balance. A home should be something we are comfortable in. 

Well I am off to my new day job. General cleaning and washing today. I am going to clean the house for Mrs P! Put my timer on for the first hour. If I could only afford it I would actually pay myself. Well I will work on that one as well!

More beautiful Porcini mushrooms.

Edible Funghi


  1. We got the same goddess, I think I'm a more avid follower than you!

    1. Now you know why we are such good friends! Lol!