Sunday, 27 September 2015

Decluttering Progress.

I have finally been decluttering again. This time I attacked the little room which serves as a passage to go onto the top floor. 


It was so full of clutter that it was almost impossible to walk through it. Too bad to show a before photo! 

What triggered this was that I needed a book from the bookshelves. I actually couldn't even reach the shelf to look for the book!  

I have thrown and thrown things. I also took all the books off the shelves and dusted and put the ones I wanted to keep back. Although I hated to do it I threw out many books that are of no use to anyone, including many old school books that are no longer in use. They are all going to be recycled.

I even got rid of some old diaries. From 1980 on. I read through them first. So saddening to read all that I went through years ago. I tore out pages and shredded them before putting them into the waste paper containers.


I have also filled some bags with clothes to donate. It is no use keeping things that don't fit anyone.


I started to get rid of the old VHS tapes no one has watched in years. The few family things and originals can stay but all those TV programs nobody ever watched again are going! 

Although we do still have a working VHS recorder (I think), it has been years that they haven't been pulled out and I am sure not going to watch them now! 
Many probably won't even play anymore. 

I did see articles on crafting with old tapes, but the magnetic coating they have is not good for you to handle.

I will give them to the garbage man in a separate sack. He told me they don't go in the plastic as they are a special category. They weigh a ton! There are over 100 in this bag! There are still more elsewhere in the house.

Decluttering VHS

Now I actually have a floor in that room! Lol! I know the shelves are still full but there is far less stuff now. It isn't perfect but I feel quite pleased with myself. 
The wall cupboard was actually already tidy. It was blocked with things in front of it so it didn't get messed up.

Decluttering books.

Still too many books for the shelves and they are sadly bent from all the weight they had, but it is a beginning and a great improvement!

My muscles are all aching from the work but it has been worthwhile. It took me a full two days!

Oh, by the way, I didn't find the book I was looking for originally! It must be in another room!


  1. I so need to do this! I get totally overwhelmed! Good for you!

    1. Thankyou. I get overwhelmed as well but sharing on here is motivating me to keep going. I hope to eventually get all the house done. Eliminating things means I won't have to pick them up again and yet again! The important thing is that I have something, even just a little bit, to show as results to make me happy.