Thursday, 5 November 2015

Black cat and Gotz doll identification!

My black cat just sitting in the evening sun. He is 10 years old now but still a mini black panther! Hates my DH and attacks him. DD took this photo through the window as she is scared of him! He is just a softie really! Absolutely gorgeous!

Black cat

My new doll just arrived yesterday. She is a Gotz 18" doll and has arrived from Germany. Has a body like an American Girl doll. I am trying to find out more about her. She is a cutie with her red red curls and grey-green eyes. Marked "Gotz Puppe" with an artist mark on her neck.

18" Gotz doll

I am working on some new clothes for her. Ideas anyone?.
I would love to hear from anyone who can help identify her. She is wearing her original outfit apparently. It has Gotz embroidered on the front of the dress. She has a cow on a bracelet.
There were so many different dolls produced that it isn't easy to identify them.
The seller sent me a message saying she is a play doll from the 90's. Between 91 and 96 maybe.

Anyone know more?


  1. She has the same face as my Ruby & same color hair but Ruby's is not as curly. She is very pretty though!
    Put some talc over the artist stamp and then compare it to any of the AG original face molds! Mine are all the same stamp! Gotz!

  2. The stamp looks almost like a HG. Not very clear though. She is very pretty and quite happy here with the other dolls. She is the same size as the American Girls and has the same sort of body. Stands very well.