Monday, 26 December 2016

Village Holiday

Happy Holidays to all, whatever you celebrate. 

Here in the village there was the traditional Christmas fire burning all night between the 24th and 25th. There will be another one at New Year as well. 
A mixture of old pagan rites brought into the Christian celebrations.
DH helped bring the wood etc with other village folk. 

There was also a nativity scene set up in the piazza and a "Living Presepe" with villagers acting out the nativity story after a procession. 

The traditional big meal based on fish. (Lots of cooking!) On the 25th another big meal with meat this time. Some people even do it today the 26th! Personally I never have. Just too much food and drink.

 New year will soon be here as well and then Epiphany with the "Befana" who brings gifts:...and yes, there is yet more food! 

My idea of a holiday is just to rest and knit instead! Lazy! 

Did you have a nice holiday? How did you celebrate?

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