Monday, 13 April 2015

Monday Musings.

Monday Musings.

    This morning I was very happy to finish my doll's shawl. It has taken a lot of work: size 2mm needles and thin linen yarn.Although it still needed washing and blocking I rushed to take a photo straight away! Better ones to follow after it is blocked and her hair is styled!

     Still yarn related; my DD bought me 2 spindles yesterday and gave me them this morning. I do have one somewhere but don't remember where!

      I was given some "raw wool", and soon will be trying to wash it and turn it into yarn! Just waiting for the weather to co-operate! A new adventure! I will be sharing how that goes! In the meantime I'm very busy reading up on how to process it and watching online tutorials.

     Recently a very good friend sent me some of her own handspun yarn from Sweden. I designed my "Swedish Blocks" doll sweater especially to use it. (You can see it in my designs on my Ravelry page if you follow the link) Thankyou "A"! It is beautiful yarn. It was my first try at knitting with real handspun wool.
     That is what made me decide to try making my own. I mentioned it to my DH and Voilà! He arrived with 3 big sacks of yarn! Baa baa Blacksheep! But this is white, or should be!
     I was told that I can have as much as I like as there is no market for it here. Free!
Next I will be wanting a spinning wheel!

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