Saturday, 11 April 2015

Spring has arrived.


The swallows are back! Spring has finally arrived . The damp winter is over.
I will try to enjoy these brief days as much as possible as all too soon the summer heat will make me close the shutters.
Everyone is still wrapped up in winter woolies. Even after so many years of living here I still haven't got used to this.My Mother-in-law would mutter that babies should always be wrapped up unless "the stones start to sweat"! Poor babies! Makes me wonder how they survived in the summer sun! But I digress:
Now itis time to start the spring cleaning, sweeping away the dust and the cobwebs that have crept in over the winter months. Hopefully not too many spiders!
Don't worry! I will still find time for my knitting. In the meantime I will fumble around trying to write on here and find out how it works! Ignorance sure isn't bliss!

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