Monday, 18 May 2015

DIY Spinning Wheel!

     Well my spinning adventure may actually take place! After looking for wheels everywhere and anywhere and finding that they cost a fortune and a half; DH obstinately decide to make me one. Although I found a plan online for him, obviously he didn't use it and is ploughing on making it how he says! I'll show a couple of photos of how it is going so far!

Getting started!

Genius at work!

A few pieces done.

Starting to look more like it!

Shaping the metal parts.

It will soon be done. Working on the other pieces!

Pretend yarn! Just used a drop spindle on some I had washed. 

     I still need to wash my wool. Don't hold your breath though! First I needed the plastic bowls, then there was the usual May invasion of little red spiders everywhere. Yesterday was windy and today it has poured down!
I will update as soon as possible!

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