Thursday, 18 June 2015

Recipe: Pasta with Artichokes - pasta con carciofi.

Recipe pasta with artichokes

 Today I am writing about something a little different! How I make pasta with artichokes.
It is very quick and easy to prepare this meal.

Today I used some frozen ones but when it is the correct season I will show you how I prepare them for freezing.

Ingedients: I used amounts for 3 people, but you can add more pasta if you wish.

 I used 5 "carciofi", cut into quarters. More than enough for 3 people.
Some beef or vegetable stock. (you can use a stock cube if you don't have home made stock available)
Some bread crumbs. ( a few tablespoons)
Freshly ground parmesan cheese. (3-4 tablespoons or as desired.)
Olive oil. ( 2 tablespoons)
300g pasta. (100g per portion.You can increase this)
A pan of boiling water with salt for cooking the pasta.

                                                I turn my oven onto its highest setting.

I put the artichokes, stock and a small amount of parsley in the baking pan on top of the hob and cook until the artichokes are tender. 

The breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese are ready to add. I don't weigh them, a few tablespoons as shown.

Cook until tender. About 10 mins is usually sufficient.

                                       When they are tender add some breadcrumbs. Stir.

                            Add the parmesan cheese. If it becomes too thick add a little water.

Add a small amount of olive oil. About 2 tablespoons.

Stir again and place in oven.

                                       While this is cooking boil the water to cook the pasta.

Weigh the pasta and add to the boiling water. This pasta cooks in about 12 mins. I add salt as it starts boiling. When it is cooked, drain and replace in the pan

After about 20 mins in the oven the artichokes are ready. A nice golden brown colour. Add them to the pasta.

                                    Here I was adding the artichokes.

                                      There are enough artichokes left for another serving.

Serve the pasta with the  artichokes.

Buon appetito!

A wise owl!

I hope you enjoy making this! I would love to hear what you think!


  1. This sounds wonderful and I will make this and let you know. I am sure it will me magnificent. I also love seeing your kitchen, it looks very inviting for tea!

  2. Thankyou! I will be happy to hear how it turns out!