Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Recipe: Zucchine Flower Frittelle. Courgette flower fritters.

Courgette flower fritters

Today's recipe is: Zucchine flower fritters.

courgette flowers

  Some nice fresh flowers picked this morning. They go limp very quickly.

Courgette flower

how to prepare zucchine flowers

I prepare the flowers like this and then rinse them.

Courgette flowers ready

rinsed courgette flowers

frozen courgette flowers

When I have a lot I freeze them like this and keep for use through the year. 

cooking courgette flowers

You need:
Fresh (or frozen) zucchine (courgettes) flowers.
Optional small zucchina.(courgette)
1 egg per person.
Flour: About 2 tablespoons per egg.
Freshly ground parmesan cheese: 2  tablespoons per egg.
Parsley: A small amount.
Salt to taste.
Olive oil for frying. (Or other preferred cooking oil )

cut courgette flowers

Cut the flowers into small pieces.

Add the cheese, parsley and salt to taste.

sliced small courgette

If you have some small courgettes you can add a finely sliced one if you like.

courgette batter

                                                                    Mix together.

Making batter for frittelle

Add the flour and eggs.

courgette batter

                         The mixture should look like this. A semi-liquid consistency like batter.

natural olive oil

Heat some oil in a frying pan. I use our own home produced olive oil.

Spoon in the zucchine batter. I add about 2-3 tablespoons mixture for each one, but you can make them smaller.

frying courgette fritters

Fry until a golden colour turning when cooked on the bottom.

cooked courgette fritters.

I usually turn a couple of times until cooked.

Take out and drain on some kitchen paper.

courgette fritters ready

Ready to eat! I found it difficult to prevent my husband from eating them all before I took a photo!

drying origano

This is wild origano (oregano in English)  which my DH gathered. Isn't it pretty?

origano for pizza!

We dry it to use for pizza and many other recipes!

By the way I would love to hear from you if you try this recipe!


  1. These look and sound good. We make them over here also but I have never seen them use the flowers. That is a nice use for them. We call the completed fried zucchini food "fritters" in the USA. Strange name, I like to say croquettes better. Most croquettes refer to a battered fried fish dish though.

    1. We have a lot of flowers here so people use them various ways. The flowers left whole and dipped in batter and fried are very good as well. They serve them in classy restaurants!

  2. I see that you make your own olive oil. Oh, to have an olive tree for oil and the fruit!
    or any fruit tree for that matter.

  3. Yes the family has a lot of olive trees. Partly why I chose the blog name!
    There are also oranges, mandarines, lemons and of course grapes! Maybe orange groves was better but I love green and olives are green!

  4. Looks absolutely delicious! Would this work with cucumber flowers? I have cucumber flowers in the garden and zukes in the fridge.

    1. Thanks for looking and answering!
      Good idea. I should think it would work OK. I think they are from the same family aren't they? I would love to know if you make them how they work out! Might just give them a try myself if I can find some!

  5. Fried squash blossoms - yum. My dad would make these sometimes. Reminded me of fried mushrooms.

    1. Mushrooms! In the Fall my DH will be going to gather the wild Porcini mushrooms here. I will be frying those dipped in breadcrumbs. better still are some that they call Rositi here. A pinkish colour. They taste so good dipped in egg and then breadcrumbs and fried in olive oil!

    2. As a child we enjoyed morels if we were fortunate enough to know someone who'd found a bunch (don't know if my parents bought them or if they were gifts, but they were the most wonderful things I could imagine). Dad dipped them in egg and then dredged them in flour and and fried them in oil - probably Crisco. lol

      An aunt took me morel hunting one spring, and to get me to be focused, and less noisy evidently, she told me the mushrooms hid from noise. And that was why we weren't finding any. lol Not on that trip, nor in all our hiking over the years have I ever found a morel mushroom. I guess I'm just not quiet enough..