Friday, 12 June 2015

Summer knits and hairbands for American Girl Dolls!

Summer sleeveless set pattern

                                                     Summer Sleeveless Set.

Ella-Mae for American girl dolls

     This week I have been very busy with my latest knitting patterns for 18 inch dolls. I published "AGD Summer Sleeveless Set" and finished off the testing on another "Ella-Mae" which will be available on Ravelry later today.
     I am so lucky to have some super-quick efficient testers who control my patterns!

My latest pattern "Ella-Mae" has a matching hairband as part of the outfit. I have great difficulty buying the hairband blanks for American Girl dolls here so had to adapt cheap plastic ones.
     This was an idea I had seen on another blog so just had to have a go!

 If you would like to check it out this was the original blog post:

These were some cheap plastic hairbands I found for a few cents.

DIY hairbands for dolls

 First I bent the hairband and held it in place with some wire leaving a small amount to hold it.

How to make doll hairbands
 Then using the extra wire as a handle I dipped it into some boiling water for a couple of minutes. Here the time depends on the plastic. The orange one took far less. Careful not to let it touch the pan, just the water!

AGD hairband

I then put it into cold water to set the shape.  With some cutters I chopped off the extra length.
 I quickly redipped the ends in the boiling water to smooth any rough edges.

18" doll hairband

Look how cute! 

doll hairband blanks

46cm doll hairband
                                                           Here is the orange one.

18" doll hairband

I sewed the knitted pieces from the pattern onto the hairband and added the bow!

doll hairband
                                                    So easy to make and so cute!

DIY hairband for dolls

I would love to hear if you try this!