Friday, 3 July 2015

American Girl Doll Grace has arrived.

     As many of my friends know I have a collection of 18" dolls. Mainly American Girl ® dolls. I use them as models for my knitting designs.

Grace Thomas

     I was so happy to receive a new  American Girl ®  doll recently. An American friend sent me her  and I was scared, as always when I have dolls arriving, in case she got lost in the post! Such a long trip poor thing closed in a box!
     My DD put her on her bedside table. By the way her bedroom is always that tidy! She sure isn't like I was at that age! No clutter. (I hate to admit it but her bedroom is still tidier than mine is now!)

     Almost as soon as Grace arrived I changed her clothes to a fresh cotton dress!

Grace's Eiffel Tower Dress

As her story is based in Paris I used an Eiffel tower stich pattern and a cotton yarn which is actually called Parigi! Lol! Better than that?
     Benita included her book for me and I enjoyed reading it.Yes I confess I still love reading kids' books! I searched a lot on E-Bay to find the 6 books in the Kirsten series when I bought her. Not everyone will ship to Italy and at times the price and postage is too much for me to be able to get them.
     I enjoyed the story and will be making other things for her based on that!

    Having whipped up the pattern, I then sent it for testing to my wonderful pattern testers
finally today it went live and is available for purchase both on Ravelry and in my Etsy shop.

Grace and Rebecca American Girl

     Here she is with Rebecca. Her dress is made in a slightly thinner yarn but looks just as pretty! Light and lacy as it is so hot. I see real people dressed in clothes that are just as lacy!

Grace's Eiffel Tower Dress

     My daughter made them both a necklace with an Eiffel tower charm to match their dresses.
We also have a cupcake making session planned for the first cool day there is. Grace is a baker in her story after all! I do have some baking things for the dolls I bought a couple of years ago.

     I will be sharing other photos of my dolls and the clothes I design for them.

 Do you have a doll collection? If so which dolls do you collect? What do you think of my dolls?


  1. I love the Grace pattern and it is set for the AG needles next! Thank you so much Pat! Grace and Rebecca look very cool in these.

  2. That's such a sweet pattern.

  3. That's such a sweet pattern.

  4. Thankyou! Cool and lacy for the summer heat.

  5. The delicate lace is beautiful!

    1. Thankyou for your comment. I am glad you like it!