Thursday, 30 July 2015

Disney Animator Pocahontas Doll

This week has been very busy. DH fell off a ladder and hurt his back. Fortunately he had only bruises but has had to rest. Still has aches and pains. However on a brighter note; my new doll arrived!

 I bought a Disney Animator Doll from ebay. She has been repainted as a Ooak doll by the talented Sabrina. She has such a sad expression but is really lovely.

16 inch doll

I will be using her as a model for my Disney Animator Doll knitting patterns and also to try on the clothes that I make for my DGD's Rapunzel doll. This outfit which will be available as a pattern soon was made for Rapunzel. Soon I will make something especially for Pocahontas.

Sea Breeze Set

Pocahontas pattern

Today I made her a little dress so have edited to add these photos!

16" doll

This is the cardi I made for my DGD. Rapunzel's cardi was made to match this!

Sea Breeze Set

I am looking forward to showing photos of DGD with her doll in matching clothes..

What do you think of my new doll? Pretty?


  1. It looks quite cute! My daughter Emilie (33 )rescued a Pocahontas at a Goodwill and wants me to make her a Pocaohntas-like outfit. Since I already have done the one AG size (project on my Ravelry it won't be much of stretch--this one I will incorporate beads etc and make it closer to the original character costume. We will see....

    1. I have started one for her today! Coincidence! I will be interested to see your version. I am not trying to copy the original doll one as I do have it. Did your rescue doll have the dress?

  2. Hello. Where did you get the pattern for the Cardigan from? I'm trying to find a pattern like that!☺

  3. It is available on ravelry in my store. Patricia Renwick designs!