Monday, 20 July 2015

Out and About in Sila.

The words from the Beatles' song "Five o'clock in the morning" are going through my mind. Yes it is actually five o'clock now but I have been online for about an hour now. It is just too hot to sleep.
The sun is already starting to peak above the horizon and it looks like it is going to be another scoarching hot day. Higher than the July norm usually is.

     I am trying to be as quiet as possible so I don't disturb the neighbours, although I saw a light in my MIL's house across the road earlier on. She mustn't be able to sleep either. The thermometer in the kitchen actually shows 35°c! (95°f). It is possible we will have 40°c today (104°f) as it was yesterday. It just feels too hot to do anything. I have never liked the heat. Even my DH who normally doesn't mind it says that it is too hot to go for a walk with the dog!

     It was so nice to go up into the mountains for my birthday the other day. Cooler air and lots of trees. It made a lovely change.

old shop

     This lovely building is in Villaggio Mancuso, It is in the Sila Piccola easily reached from Catanzaro. Very old it has low ceilings inside.

     We also went to Lorica where I haven't been for a few years. A beautiful small village by the lake Arvo.


Lorica lake

 I was very surprised to find there was hardly anyone there and many of the shops were closed.

     It is a tourist place where normally at this time of year we would find lots of people by the lake, on boats or in the souvenir shops. Maybe a sign of the difficult financial times.

Largo Arvo

     Grace came with us for the trip. Sh was quite disappointed to find there were no boats there to hire! (As if I would ever go on one anyway!)

Lago Arvo

By the lake

     She was able to rest on one of the seats by the lake. First time I have ever seen them empty! Normally you can't find a free seat!

Lago Arvo


     This is where there is a bob-cart facility during the winter. The ski lift doesn't seem to be in use anymore. Maybe they are doing maintenance work.


             How much work it must have been to build this old house with all those stones!


               This wooden building in Villaggio Mancuso is more typical of the old constructions.

Lago Arvo

     A last view of the peaceful ice-cold lake!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I especially like the round building!

    1. It is beautiful inside as well but I didn't like to ask to take photos.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. It looks like Grace had a wonderful time even though it was a hot trip to the lake. The lake is lovely and Grace's new suit is very pretty on her. The little village is lovely also and it is showing the same signs of the monetary hardships as my small town.
    Time to retrench and forge forward!
    It has been in the 40's/100's here temp wise for 2 weeks! My yard and garden are turning brown like the trees!

    1. The trip wasn't hot as we were in the mountains going.It was hot here before leaving and when we got back though!
      It was a lovely day out. Unusual to see so few people there at this time of the year. Especially when it is so hot!
      Hope you have somewhere cool you can get to!