Sunday, 23 August 2015

Cleaning time with timer!

Another post for today. I am taking a break while the floor dries. This morning I set my timer and swept and washed the dining room floor and corridor. I have ceramic tiles on this floor of the house.

Ceramic tiles

My not-so-DH decided to lie on the divan and kept moving and getting in my way although I had told him to stay in one place till I had finished and it dried. Fortunately my BIL called to tell me to ask him to go and see to the cows as BIL is at Naples so he has now gone out! What a loving wife I am! Lol!

Reminds me when I tried to follow the FlyLady method a few years ago. I got so tired of her comments that we are cleaning for us and that family will then follow along. To have a smile all the time! Sure! My "sweet honey" definitely didn't help. He postively hindered at times! I would nearly kill myself trying to keep the stupid sink clean and shining. Go to bed leaving the kitchen clean and get up in the morning to find it a shambles again! Other than gradually getting to grips with the house! Then those lace-up shoes! Not when it is 40°c outside! 

Her darling dears are maybe BO...born organized but mine sure aren't. It was a continuous fight. The only BO around here would be body-odour and that I don't want!
I don't live in the 50's when Momma would have the meal on the table for her Master coming home from work and a pretty apron tied around her waist. I would rather use it to hang myself...or him! That would be better! I do love aprons by the way. I wonder where all of mine have gone!

 What I did find a wonderful help were the forums. There I found out that others were just as untidy as I am and many were far worse! I had been looking at my house trying to match the crazy standards they have around here and I just can't adapt to that. It isn't life to me. I do miss the forums still and the wonderful people I met on there. Some I am still in touch with through FaceBook fortunately. I wonder how they are all doing.

I did receive her emails for a while but got tired of all the publicity to sell things. I am trying to declutter not add calendars and other cleaning stuff. I do have her book still. 

The timer idea I did find useful. I set it for an hour and get things done, then take a brief break. Now I am applying what I learnt to try and pull my house back into shape again, but doing it my way this time around. We all have different lives and ways of doing things.

Fun looking back. I had got my house almost totally under control again and then life got in the way and it became a shambles. If I don't clean no one else does it and I wasn't there to do it! I had other more important things to cope with and I managed but it took a great toll on me.  

I found an old photo. My friend's DD scanned it for me. This was many years ago. There are very few photos of me. To think I thought I was fat then! I am the one in the white jacket. It was at my God-daughter's baptism. 


Well the timer has rung so back to my cleaning! 


  1. Hi,
    I tried Flylady a long time ago too and I think the best idea was the timer. I have a tendency to get going with something (not necessarily housework) and need the reminder to stop, or to remember there's something in the oven, etc. I also found that while my cleaning may have contributed to peace and good health nobody but me did any. So I changed the way cleaned before I did myself in with the Flylady schedule (she seems very nice, but I just don't have that much energy.)
    I found your blog by visiting you from Knitting Patterns Galore. I've been knitting for a long time and wanted to learn how to knit for dolls in the round. I admired you pattern and think that I will start my knitting with it. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Thankyou! I am glad you like the pattern. If you need any help don't hesitate to send me a message! You can find me on Ravelry, usually everyday.
    I think a timer is very useful while cleaning and also when online! reminds me have other things to do