Friday, 28 August 2015

Early Morning Musings.

Village morning

Dark side of theMoon.

Frustration, feeling inadequate, failure. Early morning, too early to go out yet, tired of tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep. Dark nights, dark thoughts.

Yesterday was hot. Too hot to get anything done. Another day wasted.

Dogs barking in the distance. I wonder what they are barking at. Maybe a wild pig, there are several around. Something to be careful about if I go out early. My dog is peacefully sleeping here. He only barks if there is someone around that shouldn't be there.

The owl is hooting, calling softly to her mate. Comforting usual sound to me. There is a big owl which sits on our roof most nights. I have never really seen it, just the shadow as it passes, but my inlaws can see it from across the road. They do the sign of the cross if they see one! My Sil said it is ok for me, they bring good luck where they perch but are unlucky to see! Strange superstitions. I love owls.

No crickets tonight. Maybe cooler weather today.

Total silence. So rare that it is so quiet here. The only sound I hear are my fingers moving over the computer keys. 4.30am. In half an hour there will be people moving around already. The church clock gives a lone strike. Two minutes different from the time on my computer.

A cock crows! Hey it is still night here! Early bird. Won't be dawn for a while yet! According to the official tables the sun should rise at 6.19am and set at 19.30, giving us a day of 13.11 hours! 

A car starts up in the distance. I get the lead and take the dog out. Better to get moving while the air is cool.

Day has come. 


  1. 4 times trying to leave a comment! Trying my Google account!

  2. 4 times trying to leave a comment! Trying my Google account!

  3. What a great description of your early morning when you can't sleep, Patricia. And that's interesting reading - about the owl superstitions. I'd never heard of these. How neat that one perches on your house at night.

    1. Thanks. I am sitting writing now waiting for it to be light enough to take the dog out. I can hear the owl hooting. It is a soft calling with the other one who answers. Occasionally there will be a harsher call which obviously has some other meaning. 5.30am here. It is going to be really hot today I think.