Sunday, 23 August 2015

Five o'clock in the Morning...

Morning Musings

This morning I went out with the dog early, just after 5am, hoping to take a couple of photos before the sun was awake! Dawn is starting to get later now, sign of the passing season. A solitary owl was hooting calling to its companion. One of the big owls that often sit on our roof.
"Five o'clock in the morning just as the day begins..."
The song was running through my mind.  My favourite time of the day. So peaceful and quiet.

fox hiding

As I went down the road I spied a fox here but unfortunately I wasn't quick enough and my camera isn't good enough to take a photo. It didn't want to pose for me!

Dark night

                                                             Peaceful darkness......

Fichi d'india

Now the sun is waking! These are olive trees and "Ficchi d'india" Indian figs at the sides of my photo. I was quite pleased with how pretty they look! 


A bat was fluttering around me but didn't show up here as I snapped a photo. It was too dark and although I could see it the photos all came out totally black! I wish I had a better camera!

5 am in the morning

It was almost totally dark here. This photo I took minutes before the sun started to show. It was a dark night like my mood! Many people would think I am crazy going for a walk so early, but I had the dog with me who is an excellent guard dog!
I feel better after the walk. The light arrives after total darkness and so things change in our lives.
It gave me the energy to start a new day and get moving!

Are you a morning person or a night owl?


  1. You look lovely in that suit! I do not think you could ever be very large. You look to have a nice petite English frame.
    I am a night owl as you well know because we chat when you are just up in the quite of your morning and it is just now quite at my house late late at night. Just before the clock rolls over to start the next day. I am for sure a night owl.

    1. Thankyou for the compliment but I am far from petite! I am quite big boned and fairly tall.
      I love owls but am an early to bed and early to rise girl! I love the quiet early mornings.