Monday, 14 September 2015

A place for everything and everything in its place.

cleaning time

Getting the house organized is so difficult. It is very easy to become overwhelmed and just give up!
I keep telling myself that it is important to remember that the house didn't get in a mess in just a day, and I don't have a magic wand to instantly get it tidy. (Wish!)
Slowly and surely is the way to go, gradually getting to grips with it.
"A place for everything and everything in its place."
Yes sure, if you have a place to put it! The problem is when there is nowhere for things to go. That is when decluttering becomes essential.

I have been trying to set myself some goals. This time it was my bedside cabinet. It was piled high with books and general clutter.
I removed all the books and put them back on the book shelves. I put several balls of yarn away and other odds and ends that had no right to be there.

DD's books

I then cleaned out the two drawers: so full of underwear that it was almost impossible to open and close them! I spent a full 20 minutes checking pantyhose and discarding all the ones with snags or holes. My usual repurposing instinct made me want to save them to make flowers or use as stuffing, but I resisted and threw them out. There will be plenty more before I ever get round to making anything anyway!

Everything that didn't fit was trashed.
I swept behind and under the bed while I was there and dusted and polished. I was happy.


DH then so very nicely commented that I had been upstairs for two hours and that the dishes were still to wash! He had been "busy" watching television. Men don't wash dishes!!

DD's room.

Thank goodness my youngest DD isn't a hoarder. (The photos are of her bedroom with no warning!)

She went through all her clothes before going back to school today.
She has grown so we filled two big plastic bags with clothes to go to those in need. As there is nowhere to donate them in the village, my older DD will give them to her local church in town.

With so many boatloads of people arriving daily on our coasts there is a real need for clothes. Sad to have to say there are also children and young teens among the refugees.

I need to go through other clothes that have been saved here. My son had a lot of shirts he no longer uses so I will have a washing and ironing spree and send those as well. It seemed a shame to discard them when they were almost new so I kept them. Just as well, now a use has arrived. Decluttering for a good cause!

Decluttering top floor.

I am not looking forward to ironing all those shirts, Since my DH retired and my DS left home, I rarely iron now unless it is really necessary. I am saving on energy for the good of the environment! Lol! That is my excuse anyway and I am sticking to it!

Today's mission is to go upon the top floor and sort those shirts out!

What is your mission for today?


  1. I need you to come here and do this with me! I got my new sewing/computer table but everything else is in a mess!

    1. I still have most of the house to get to! Slowly trying to get to the worst disaster zones. We can do it together!