Wednesday, 23 September 2015

And how are you?


And how are you?......."Fine thanks."  I answer.

How am I? Gob-smacked. Worried. Feeling useless. When you receive bad news it is hard to know what to answer. Now here I am again unable to sleep and writing on this waiting for the tran tran of the day to begin. I am going to feel absolutely awful later on. Enough of that.

Life has been hectic recently. Still trying to get into the rhythm of the new school year. DD goes to school from 8 am to 2 pm  Monday to Friday and from 8 am  to 1 pm on Saturday. DH takes her by car. My nephew travels with them although he gets out of school an hour earlier he still gets home far quicker than waiting for the bus. Paying for the fuel is cheaper for us than if she takes the school bus. It also saves them a couple of hours travelling time.It means I am out a lot.

This is a year she will have to study far more than last year. She also has different teachers for some subjects and new ones added. It is a key year. Lets hope things go smoothly and I can follow her. She is always the one who gets neglected for other family problems.

The price of books this year has been ridiculous. When I went to school in England text books were provided by the school and returned at the end of the year. Trying to give the kids a school education here is so expensive. Now DH has retired it is even harder than it was when the older two went to school. I don't know how some families manage. Then they wonder why kids drop out of school!

The weather has turned really hot again putting a temporary end to my attempt to declutter. A few last days of summer. 40°c and my feet and legs are swollen again. Especially my right foot. I should have some tests done I suppose but there have been just too many expenses lately and also unexpected bills on top! I will just have to wait till next month yet again. It will be my blood pressure that is too high as it increases with stress and this is a bad spell. At least now at 5am it is cooler. I think the weather has changed and I will soon feel better.

Early morning ramblings. My time for me. No need to pretend to smile. It is so dark outside right now. Totally black although it is 5.15am. Must be cloudy as there isn't a star to be seen in the night sky. I can't take the dog out.

I have finished a new doll pattern. It is already being test knit. Now I have the usual sensation of emptiness before I start something else! Many ideas but little time.
 To cheer myself up I will add the photo here. I hope to publish it as soon as possible.

White version

18" doll knitting pattern.

My Ivy doll is so cute in this isn't she? Today is the first day of Autumn and she is all ready for the cooler weather.

What have you been busy doing?


  1. Aww, Patricia, hope things look up for you soon! At least you have your knitting and dolls! I'm healing from my biopsy, go to see the GP later on this morning to get the incision checked. Still over another week to go for results. Take care, maybe you need a holiday back here!

    1. Good to hear you are healing quickly. Hoping you receive good results.
      I have a candle burning for you. Hugs.