Saturday, 7 November 2015

Introducing my dolls!

Well I have been asked to share some photos and the story of my dolls. That will take a while as there are so many of them now!

To start here is my Laura Llorona doll. She is a 45 cm doll by Llorens. 

Laura Llorona

 She has beautiful curly blond hair.

Llorens doll

Made in Spain, she has a soft fabric body and Phthalate free vinyl head and limbs. She has beautiful blue sleep eyes.
The fabric extends to the top of her arms and legs similar to my Heidi Ott favorite friends dolls. She can however stand alone.
Her clothes are good quality and well finished. She also has pretty white bloomers. 

I bought her from a Sicilian shop, new in her box.

In this photo I show her with my new Gotz doll who is 46 cms like the American Girl dolls.

Gotz doll

This is my so far un-named Gotz doll from the early 1990's:

Gotz 1991

She has lovely red curls and bright green eyes. As always excellent quality. She has a fabric body similar to the American Girl dolls. Can stand alone.
She is wearing her original outfit here.
I bought her from Germany. I was looking for a red haired doll because my DD said she wanted a doll with red hair and green eyes. The American girl dolls tend to have hair that is more strawberry blonde and not really red.

Now I need to make them some new clothes!

I will be sharing other photos of some of my dolls in future posts. 
Do you like these dolls?

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  1. I like these doll. They are lovely and not very height. I don't apreciate them taller than that.