Monday, 2 November 2015

Knitting while slowcooking!

Something I have wanted for a while is a crock pot or slow cooker.I have read so much about them  but hadn't seen any in the local shops. The ones I saw online were expensive not to mention the shipping costs! Then I found a cheap one at the nearest Lidl shop. DH agreed to buying it although he didn't know what I needed it for. So here is my latest toy!

Lidl slowcooker

It cooks food so well! I tried cooking some of our homegrown beef which, while tasty tends to be very tough. It came out beautifully tender and I didn't even have to keep checking on it! Gives me more knitting time!

Cooking in the slowcooker

 I have been trying out all sorts of things. I soaked some dried beans and put them in it in the morning. They cooked perfectly and I was able to freeze some for quick meals. So many things I am planning on making! DH is very pleased he bought it.

I have been busy knitting as well. I have started working on a counterpane for the doll bed my DD bought me. Based on traditional designs, I have made a mini version of the square. Worked in the round outwards and then grafted together, there is a fair bit of work involved.
I hope to share photos of the bed and the bedding in a future post.

I have also a new pattern being tested. This was something I designed for my DGD. It is similar to one I knit for my DS many many years ago.
Obviously there is a dolly version in progress as well!

I hope to be back soon with other projects.


  1. I didn't grow up with slow cookers, but have fallen in love with them since moving to the US. I absolutely love that I can make dinner in the morning when I have a little more time, and then walk in the kitchen to a cooked meal at dinner time. Magic!

    1. It is marvellous isn't it? The food is so tasty as well.

    2. I have had a slow cooker for a few years, they are great, everything is cooked to perfection.
      I love the cover you are making for your dolls bed and the cardigan for your DGD.

  2. Thankyou! think the slow cookers are great! Today it is cooking chickpeas, I soaked them overnight and am just about to put them in it.