Tuesday, 19 January 2016

It's Snowing!

Come to sunny Italy and see the snow today! Don't laugh but our schools are closed tomorrow for the bad weather!

Soveria Simeri Snow

It has been a few years since we last had snow in the village. My snow Fairies must have been doing their work brewing up a snowstorm! Lol!


Remembering going to school in the wilds of Northumberland when I was small, standing shivering and stamping my feet waiting for the bus to arrive. Drying wet mittens near the fireplace. So many memories so long ago! This just makes me laugh!


 I never did really like the snow so much. While it is beautiful to look at it isn't so nice when you have to go to work or to school!

I haven't written much on here recently as I have been so busy. 

Cupboard is cleared!
My decluttering is still progressing. Slowly and surely I will get there. I got down under the stairs cleaned with a bit of help from my youngest DD!

Dining room

My dining room looks almost empty without all the clutter

Depression rears its ugly head at times. Other family problems arise and life seems so tough. We will overcome somehow. Just as finances seem to be ok new things come up. Seems I am fighting a never-ending battle here. I don't know what to cut down on anymore. 

My weight loss has slowed as well. I am at stage where it is hard to lose even a little bit and seems useless trying. However I console myself that I have lost 14 kilos since October. It seems no one else even notices. 
The trousers that didn't fit me then now don't fit me anymore, they were too small, now they are too big! I feel a lot better physically as well but oh it is so hard! Anyway 3 kilos to go and I will reach my ideal weight supposedly! keep your fingers crossed for me!

What has been happening in your "neck of the woods"? 


  1. You are doing great! I also like to look at snow but hate to travel in it.
    You need to come to the UK for a visit! Would seeing family perk you up?

  2. Finaces make that impossible at the moment. Also I am too busy with DD doing schoolwork. Plus my decluttering!

  3. 14 kilos since October, you are doing really well, I wish I could say that.
    The snow looks lovely, but like you I can't believe the schools are closed, all you have is a light covering.
    I have lots of knitting on the go, but can't get motivated to finish any of them.

    1. That is Italy for you! They aren't used to snow where I am.
      I have lots I want to knit but have been too busy. Hoping to get some done soon.

  4. This is magical! Simply beautiful photos and than you so much for sharing. Don't give up with the eating habit. Platues come but with another small change like maybe some more tea or water added during the day, it will start dropping again. Shame on the ones who should have noticed and did not! I think you are doing great and you have a ton more motivation than I!

    1. Thanks. I just keep reminding myself that I can do it!