Sunday, 31 January 2016

Konmari clothes folding.

Well you may be wondering what I have been up to recently.

KonMari folding
 I have been diligently refolding clothes in the bedroom drawers! 

Dresser drawer
 There is actually more room with the same amount of clothes in them!

Konmari folding


I can't say I have thrown many things. I am not going to properly start on the clothes until my weight stabilizes. At the moment I am fairly near my ideal weight so some things no longer fit and some still don't fit me but I hope they soon will! 


In the meantime I have tidied a fair bit. I just love the Konmari method of folding clothes and the ease of finding what you want in the drawer. 

Clothes organisation

It was so nice when my neatfreak DD commented that she wants her room as tidy as mine is! 
Tablecloth organisation.

I did some of the dining room ones as well, and also tidied out a cupboard.

Dresser drawer

Organising drawers

While I don't think I will ever become a minimalist, KonMari does have lots of good ideas. I am curious to see how she copes now she has a child as well. We can probably expect a new book on how to organise life with a baby! Lol.

konmari method

I haven't had much knitting time between schoolwork and housework but am working on an outfit for my Ellowyne doll. Isn't she just beautiful? 

Ellowyne knitting

What have you been doing?

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