Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wispy Rose.

My present to myself this Christmas was a Wilde Imagination doll. 

Wispy Rose

Ellowyne Wilde: Wispy Rose Lizette.

Wispy Rose

To me she was very expensive at her original price of 190$ but I was lucky to buy her at sale price for 99$. New from the producers shipped directly here it was a lovely change from the American Girl dolls who won't ship to Italy!

Tonner Ellowyne

I had been searching for a while for a pre-loved one at a price I could afford. Someone on Ravelry sent me a message telling me there was a warehouse sale and I was lucky enough to get one. They sold out within hours! 
There were actually a couple of dolls even cheaper but I fell in love with her so was willing to pay a little bit more. A limited edition of 200 dolls. Now I see just her dress selling on E-bay for as much as I paid for her!

She has such a serene expression. I am looking forward to designing clothes for her. As usual all suggestions are welcome!

Wispy Rose

This is my first quick attempt at making her something to wear! I just had to make her something even though it was the Christmas season and I was very busy! She arrived on January 5th, just in time for the Befana! 

I quicky crocheted her a dress so I could put her meet dress away safely. Her necklace and bracelet I never put on as my DD didn't like them.

Ellowyne Wilde

A matching hat and bag and she is all set to go!

Ellowyne Wilde doll.

Although it is hard to see on the photo it has small beads sewn all along the hem and at neck and arms. The bag handle is made from the same beads.

Tonner doll
"Wispy Rose, my gown it flows, the color of peach, so creamy, With a beautiful bodice of satin all shirred and its skirt that is so dreamy. With big satin bows and a necklace of pearls (faux), A matching bracelet and pink satin heels, My hair hangs down straight yet pulled back elegantly from my face, So that everyone can see how I feel!"

Ellowyne Wilde

Ellowyne Wilde.

Do you like her?


  1. She is beautiful, you got a bargain there.

  2. She is lovely and especially like the things you made for her.

    1. Thankyou. I bought her to be a model. I was originally looking for a used maybe nude doll as they are generally cheaper but was lucky to find her at about the same price.