Thursday, 7 April 2016

Ellowyne Simply Ella.

I have been working on some patterns recently. Finally I have another one available in my Ravelry store and I will be adding them to Etsy as soon as I find time! 

Ellowyne Wilde dolls are such lovely models. Really fun to knit for.

Ellowyne Simply Ella
So elegant!

Ellowyne Wilde Dolls

Ready to go out!

Ellowyne Wilde
Simply Classical.

Dreary days Ellowyne
Dreary days.

Simply Ella
Simply Ella.

Ellowyne Wilde

Another look.

Blue eyes.


  1. I used to knit for my fashion dolls before I fell in love with the little girls! I have some 16", Barbie types and two 22" Tonner American Models. They have all been ignored, sadly! Your Ellas look lovely and stylish!

    1. Thankyou. They are lovely dolls. Similar to the 16" Barbie types in size I think.
      I would love to see the 22" Tonner American models! They must be lovely!