Saturday, 23 July 2016

Ariel's hair styling session.

I recently bought a couple of dolls on UK Ebay for the grand amount of £1.50. The postage cost me more. 
The one I was interested in was a Disney Merida (more about her another time) but there was an Ariel doll included which was a bit worse for wear. Together they cost far less than other Merida dolls available so I placed a bid and won them. A great deal.

Ariel hairstyle

Ariel's hair was in a really bad state so I decided to try my hand at restyling it. I am NOT good with hair at all, but figured that it couldn't turn out worse than it was! 

Conditioning Ariek's hair

So armed with dish-soap, fabric conditioner, straws, clips and tissues I started! 

First I washed her hair with some normal dish-soap. Rinsed well and then treat it with fabric softener in fairly hot water. Let it soak a while and then combed and divided it into sections. This was the part I found hardest to do as I wasn't sure how it was best to divide the locks.

Then I rolled it with a little tissue paper onto the cut off straws and secured the curls with a hairgrip. 

Disney spa treatment

Dipped her hair into warm water again once finished and left to dry. 

Curling disney doll hair

Today I took out the "curlers"and Tada!:


I think she looks far better! 

Doll hair restyled

DD has already commented that she will style it better for me but I am really happy with the result. Not bad for a first try. Her hair feels really soft and is shiny. It was dry and not nice to touch! 


  1. Looking good. Your talents are never ending.

    1. First try here! Quite happy with the results.