Tuesday, 26 July 2016

What's Cooking?: Yarn!

As some of you know I do not like the local homemade wine. Although many enthuse about it I tend to think it tastes like vinegar...far better to drink a nice glass of ice-cold lemon tea!

So here I was one morning with a bottle of wine. So what did I do? Threw it into a pan, added a skein of yarn and cooked it! Lol!

Dyeing with wine

DD came downstairs. What's cooking? Yarn!

Experiments! At worst a skein of yarn gets thrown out!

I brought it up to a boil and then left it till it cooled down.

Rinse well under running water. No need to add vinegar here! Lol!

Surprise surprise it actually came out quite nicely! It is more of a dusky rose colour than the brown the photo shows. Difficult to show a true colour.

Now I need to design something to knit with it!

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