Thursday, 20 October 2016

Cécile Rey Doll makeover

I was very surprised to see an American Girl doll on Italian Ebay. They are rarely on there and usually cost a lot. At 20 euro it was a bargain for me although not in good condition. I just couldn't leave that poor little waif all alone in Rome with the risk she would be thrown out!  So I bid for her and as there were no other offers home she came! I think the poor mottled photo put some people off! 

She is Cécile who is one of the historical dolls I wanted. 

So Spa treatment. Her clothes were washed and hung to dry. I was very pleased that the colours didn't run when I washed her original dress. 

Next her hair. I didn't have any wig shampoo available but used dish soap and fabric conditioner. I have heard that AG salons don't approve this but as the chance that I ever send her for treatment is less than nil, that didn't bother me. 

Wash, rinse and re-wash. Amazing how dirty her hair was! Then a fabric conditioner rinse. It is important to avoid wetting the body or getting water in her eyes which can cause silver-eye or rust, so she was wrapped up in towels. 
Cecile American girl doll

Then the hair. A lot of patience to find the central parting and to carefully detangle. Never pulling! 

I rolled the curls carefully first onto a knitting needle and then rolled them onto a straw and fixed with bobby-pins. Left to dry overnight. 

Today I carefully pulled out the straws, tied her hair with two white ribbons and she was ready to be dressed in her clean clothes and new boots! 

She seems happy to join my clan here!

American Girl Cecile

Doll hair recurled

A big difference from when she arrived!


  1. Grand find and beautiful restoration! Congratulations Patricia!

  2. She was a bargain. You have done a brilliant job with your rescue, she looks beautiful now.

    1. Thanks. I had fun bringing her back to how she should be!