Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Baby Things.

I have been knitting several baby things recently neglecting my doll knitting. 
I decided to create a new baby blanket design for my soon-to-arrive granddaughter who will be called Vittoria. 

I wanted a pattern which was easy to remember with purl rest rows. The traditional tilting blocks pattern I like but in the garter block version, not the stockinette one. However that has both knit and purl on the wrong side so I set to to work to change the garter stitch blocks to make them into purl garter stitch blocks! A little bit of math and it gave an easy-peasy shawl to make which looks pretty!

I have written my version down and published it as a free pattern on Ravelry: Vittoria. It seems to be quite popular so far.

Vittoria Baby Blanket

At the moment all my babyblanket patterns are free. 

I also did some sewing. I found the cutest quited Teddy Bear design fabric and made a small quilt. I bound it in a matching fabric and also made a sheet and pillowcase. A bag to hold it all and I was pleased with the results. I managed to do the mitered corners and a nice well sewn binding on the quilt.

I have enough fabric left to make another one so I will make one sometime for someone who will appreciate it. It worked out quite expensive to make, the fabric wasn't cheap.

Baby quilt

Handmade unfortunately doesn't equate cheapness as some people think it does!

Now I have a matching bolero to finish for my Granddaughter and some mitts for my youngest DD and then it will be back to my dolls and patterns once more!
My dolls are always happy to have new clothes and never protest no matter how many times they have to try things on! Lol!


  1. Congratulations on the imminent arrival of Vittoria. All of your work is beautiful.