Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Error code F19

Sorry I haven't been able to write much recently. My washing machine broke on September 15th. 

washing machine broke

I am supposed to have an insurance so called them. They don't even seem to know what the code means! No comment. I will never do this sort of insurance again I think the way it is going.

Just to cut a very long story short, I am still without a washing machine and today is November 8th! Absolutely disgusting in my opinion. 

Needless to say I am nearly killing myself by handwashing almost everything, and in sheer desperation I have asked my Bil if I can wash some things at his holiday house... 3 wash loads in nearly 2 months, again no comment. My washer usually goes at least every other day although I do always hand wash a lot of stuff! I am very tired with the whole situation. I don't think anyone understands the extreme stress this is causing. I could go to my DD's house but it is hard to get there and park, carry things, wait, and then return. Easier to handwash. I do not like to ask people. I hate having dirty washing. 

Talking about washing, I took some baby things, I made with love, to my Dil. She told me she will wash them in the washing machine and then steam iron for "bacteria"! I had made the things with love, hand washed and dried and blocked where necessary. 
 Thank goodness I hadn't made her a wedding ring shawl like the one I made for my DD's daughter's baptism. I so very nearly did. Not the same but similar, as usual for me exclusive. That would have been to throw out!

 My Mum sent me the Jamieson's cobweb yarn after DD got married. I will make my younger DD one while I am still capable of creating something like that. When she is old enough to marry I may not be able to knit this sort of thing, who knows. If I am here.

I am feeling so depressed. Tired. I am trying to keep the house clean and tidy, feeling frustrated with the washing machine thing and getting tired. Feeling inadequate. Useless.

Maybe fortunately I showed my sister-in-law the baby things and she said they were lovely. Unusual to have positive comments from them. Wants to make a babyblanket like the one I have named for this new DGD. Some small consolation. 

Yes because I am crazy enough to create an exclusive design with the name and publish it as I did with my first Granddaughter. 

I saw my son yesterday for the first time since April 10th. I have so rarely seen him since he was married. Not even the fingers of a hand.
 Is this life? 

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