Friday, 2 December 2016

Bear Factory Teddy.

Many years ago when I was last in England we saw the Teddy Bears in the Bear Factory shop in the local shopping center.

Bear Factory Cat

Then six year old DD loved the bears but DH thought they were too expensive so sadly we couldn't buy one. It was a lovely surprise for DD to receive one the day we left. My sister-in-law Julie bought DD a bear: Emily. She even had her birth certificate and her passport. The customs officer at the Airport very seriously controlled Emily's passport and said she could go on the plane much to DD's delight!

Since I have internet I have often tried to buy a Scottish outfit for the bear. Prices always run too high on Ebay but recently I actually won a Bear Factory Cat with a Scottish outfit.

As you may imagine I was thrilled! 
He had a voice message so I asked the seller about his history:
"He belonged to a dear friend who's husband sadly passed, she didn't want to throw him away so she gave him to me as I was organising a Burns Night Event and I thought that he would look enjoy being the centre of attention at the head table. Fergus has graced a number of Burns Nights and Hogmanay's - We are downsizing. so sadly we have had to say farewell to him, but I'm over the moon that he has gone to such an appreciative and loving home!"
I so often "meet" such nice people on Ebay!  

Scottish Bear Factory Bear

Emily did have fun trying on the outfit but obviously I couldn't take his clothes from Fergus so I knit Emily a new cardi to make up for it. One day I will find her a kilt as well! Still searching! (Doesn't she look lovely in the kilt?)

Doll cardi

Emily still has her original outfits and her passport and birth certificate are put away with the family ones! Lol! Yes I am a little crazy maybe!

Fond memories of my last trip home to England and the last time I saw my parents. 

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