Saturday, 7 January 2017

Guardian Angel?

Witch and Angel

I dreamt that my Mother phoned me last night. She was eating an apple and I complained I couldn't hear her well.

She said that she was sorry she hadn't been around much but she knows that I am well and that she is keeping an eye on my new granddaughter to make sure she is ok. She told me that I can look after my older Granddaughter. (Thanks Maman!)

I can't really see her in the role of Guardian Angel but she has always loved small babies so I suppose that it is fitting! Not much patience with toddlers though so I guess that is why I get to look after the two year old! Lol!

She said that they can be pretty clueless at times. She always knows best! With her around all will run smoothly! 

Dreams can be strange.

Do you believe in Guardian Angels?

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