Sunday, 30 July 2017

What's up?

Well life has been busy here but due to fires my internet access has been very limited. The poles are slowly being replaced and power restored.

I have been doing a fair bit of sewing recently. A dress for DGD and her doll, a shirt for DH which is almost finished.

I also tried making some sandals. Very pleased with my first attempt. Of course Julie needed a bag to match so I made one. I will be adding that design to my blog soon so keep a look out if you want to try sewing one!

On my birthday we went up into the mountains. Although (typically) the day was cloudy we had fun setting up a tent and sleeping bags for the dolls. Dgd enjoyed herself playing with them. Well worth the time spent sewing to see her expression! 

My older DD and Sil bought me a doll! Hannah loves horse riding, a Gotz doll. As I do have a horse for her, I can foresee lots of fun playing with DGD. She has just started a little riding. 

Gotz Hannah doll

"We" now have a brown hair, a blonde hair and a red hair doll! The blonde Hannah ballerina belongs to my DGD. 

I have also done some knitting. A new pattern is on ravelry. Kaya and Kanani were playing at "Pocahontas".

AGD Pocahontas pattern

You can find it for sale in my Ravelry store.

So that's all for now. Will be back soon with the instructions on how to make the doll bag.

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